As you explore CHOWDER, you will be making your own unique chowder recipe. From here, you can review your added ingredients, flavour balance, and overall CHOWDER exploration completion.

Each recipe can handle a total of 5 ingredients, which are selected from the 3 pillars of ocean sustainability cards located in the recipe box at the bottom of each page.

When your pot is full, your chowder will be served up and compared to others who have entered the CHOWDER kitchen before you. The oceans require balance, and your chowder recipe is the same. Be sure to pick ingredients from all three pillars for the best outcome.

There's plenty to explore in CHOWDER, so try again with different ingredients for a different experience.

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We're Making a Chowder!

Presented by Ocean Voices

CHOWDER is a game of discovery, exploring the diverse factors contributing to worldwide ocean health, and how we can help.